Las Vegas snow globe

You shake me and I fly
above the clouds in this curved round world.

Light reflecting on the covered glass desert.

blind above the sky
knees scraping along the care bear clouds of silver and gold flecked stars and hearts.
weightless wandering
grasping onto the plastic hands of Elvis.

We all go down eventually.

Hitting land
tumbling and running
arms outstretched
grasping at the beautiful steam of this mirage.

I know this place,
what it wants from me
organized chaos
in a single instant
it scares me still.
We never rest,
we are always moving,
organs pumping,
breath quivering.

I’ll forever be afraid of this giant curved womb.

I flounder among these hotels and casinos and giant palm trees.
Until you shake me again.
Uproot me.
And my nightmare begins once more.

your miniature Las Vegas Showgirl
in plastic sequin
a plastic queen in
your perfect plastic world.

 All written content © 2012 Helenna Santos-Levy


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