The Stranger

What happened in that moment?

I looked into your eyes for too long, a second past the uncomfortable and into the sublime, flying off the edge in a chaotic dance of breath and death and tears

There is no going back.

The flicker of your lash as it falls against your cheek unleashes an earthquake underneath my feet and I’m devoured whole by the demons below losing limbs and blood and sight

But who needs them, who needs a body when the heart is not an organ but something that exists somewhere in this space between lust and love and longing

And you were just a stranger passing by me on a busy downtown street.

You had grazed my hand and we turned and looked at each other and all of this, all of you seeped into me, and I into you like we had had this moment in a million other lives with a million other I-s and You-s and We-s….

And I’ll forget this moment, like I have already all those times, but not before I find a breath, a heart beat to drink you in and tear you apart and meld us back together.

So until then I beg you.

Fall into this chaotic serene abyss with me.  Enter into me. And crawl into that space that no one else knows, no one else sees, help me find myself there in that where that scares me

Because that’s where I’ll find you next time.

Next time that we meet again on this street for the first time. Again and again. And again.

All written content © 2012-2013 Helenna Santos-Levy


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